Savour the Exotic Flavour ... of the Caribbean
Savour the Exotic Flavour ... of the Caribbean
Savour the Exotic Flavour ... of the Caribbean
Savour the Exotic Flavour ... of the Caribbean
Savour the Exotic Flavour ... of the Caribbean
Savour the Exotic Flavour ... of the Caribbean

The Story

Caribbean Concoctions was officially launched in 2013, in a fervent bid to reconnect with our rich indigenous heritage.

Founded by Colleen Cameron, whose 7-year stint at a locally-run hotel fuelled the genesis of this yearning, the company's name and mission reflect the owner's passion for the cultural and historical linkages that bind this Caribbean Archipelago.

Caribbean Concoctions offers you attractively-packaged Indigenous Snacks that range from Le Fudge, Tulumé (Toolum), Tamarindo to Cassava Pone and PreServé Red Mango.

In a conscious effort to take active part in Trinbago's "Buy Local" initiatives and contribute to the strengthening of our intrinsic industries, we utilize local agricultural products including coconuts, molasses, cassava and local fruits such as mangoes, plums and pommecytheres.

Recognising that access to Indigenous Snacks is sometimes limited and subject to seasonal demand and supply, Caribbean Concoctions is here to fill this need and make these delicious, mouth-watering treats readily and easily available when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth or savour something peppery! Count on us to satisfy those natural cravings!

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The Products

The Packages

Indigenous Dessert Station

A dazzling array of indigenous delicacies all beautifully laid out to suit your decor. Available for weddings, private parties, corporate function or Carnival events.

Wedding Tokens

Choose from our array of indigenous products for that unique gift token that will leave your guests with a tasty memory of your Big Day.

Travel Packages

Going to visit relatives abroad and need to order some Trinbago snacks? Living outside of T&T and craving the taste of home? Customise your Travel Package to suit your special preferences.

Cultural Events

Caribbean Concoctions is a strong supporter of our cultural traditions and our national identity. We welcome the opportunity to be part of cultural events that promote our indigenous heritage and foster pride in our twin-island republic.

Craft Markets

As a strong proponent of the "Buy Local" initiative, Caribbean Concoctions will support and participate in craft markets and indigenous events that offer local cuisine and hand-crafted products made right here in T&T.

Trini Gift Basket

Looking for a unique edible gift for a friend, family member or co-worker for a special occasion? The Trini Gift Basket is just what you need to make a great impression.